What is becoming clear is that CBD is not just a mild pain killer. It isn’t merely an alternative to paracetamol. Yes, it can get rid of a stubborn headache, and ease a hangover. But it can do much, much more.

Analgesic: reduces real pain, in this case, the CBD is the most efficient cannabinoid
Anti-inflammatory: reduces inflammation
CBD possess  anti-tumor propeties, antimetastatic, limiting progression of some cancers (particularly the prostate, breast, colon, brain …). CBD is also Anti-oncogénic, combating the appearance of tumors.
Anxi-olytic and anti-depressant: reduces anxiety symptoms, brings calmness and relaxation.
Anti-emetics: reduces nausea and vomiting
Anti-psychotic reduce psychosis (including delusions and hallucinations), helps fight schizophrenia
Treatment of multiple sclerosis (SEP) and of fibromyalgia
Powerful muscle relaxant
Helps combat insomnia
Protects against cerebral degeneration (Alzheimers …)and dementia
Relieves Rheumatoid Arthritis
Anti-epileptic: reduce seizures and convulsions
Anti-diabetic: lowers blood sugar levels
Anti-spasmodic: It prevents spasms and convulsions
Anti-ischemic: reduces the risk of clogged arteries
Anti-bacterial: removes some bacteria, limiting their movement and reproduction (bacteriostatic), in a more effective way than THC.
Anti-psoriasis helps combat skin disease.
Fights against acne
Hypotensive: helps reduces blood pressure
Anti-prokinetic: slows the contractions of the small intestine, helps fight Crohn’s disease  and irritable bowel disease.
Anti-oxidant fighting against free radicals (CBD is more anti-oxidant than vitamins C or E)
Reduces the urge to smoke tobacco
Stimulates bone growth
Too high levels of CBD may cause sedation (sleep).
The vaporization temperature of CBD is between 160 and 180 ° C.

               How do we get cbd in our products?

CBD is extracted from our special variety of organic hemp that contains naturally high concentrations of cbd, most people selling CBD oil are using industrial hemp to make their products, we use selected and organic. The result is a raw oil that is high in cbd, virtually free of THC (less than 0.03%,) and complete with a full spectrum of other cannabinoids and terpenes, which work synergistically to make CBD even more effective.  The hemp oil is then shipped to our labs to converted into the all natural cbd through our careful  process.  Our organic 100% bioavailable formulations are then made into the products you can depend on as one of the best and safest source of organic cbd available on the market.

 Those with anxiety disorders who fail to derive benefit from traditional pharmacology and/or who are unable to tolerate standard pharmacological treatments may want to consider administration of CBD oil on an ongoing or as a“when needed” basis.

          ​Cbd effects and benefits.

Conditions that can be improved .

 Conditions that can be improved .

 Along with THC(tetrahydrocannabinol), CBD (cannabidiol) is one of the many compounds naturally occurring in the cannabis plant., (and other certain types of plant) and all to be found in cbd oil's and hemp products.

These chemicals are called cannabinoids. When they’re consumed, they interact with the body’s endocannabinoid system to produce a range of effects and changes.

THC is the primary psychoactive compound in cannabis. It’s what gets you high. CBD, on the other hand, doesn’t get you high. In fact, CBD counteracts some of the potentially harmful side effects of THC..,and is the relaxing part of the plant.

But the most important thing about CBD is that has a lot of health benefits. So far, researchers have found that CBD can help treat a range of conditionsincluding nausea, seizures, inflammation, anxiety, certain types of cancers, and much more. CBD safety in humans has been studied in multiple small studies, suggesting that it is well tolerated at doses of up to 1500 mg/day (p.o.) or 30 mg.

CBD is a compound that is not illegal en the EU. Check out this site 

CBD oil for wellbeing

One thing is very clear about CBD, when dealing with anxiety: it acts in a very different way to THC. The truth is it could be described as the exact opposite. THC can cause severe anxiety, CBD can reduce it significantly.

​​​​​Cannamed CBD.

Cannabidiol. (CBD) is one of at least 113 active cannabinoids identified in cannabis. It is a major phytocannabinoid, accounting for up to 40% of the plant's extract.CBD is considered to have a wide scope of potential medical applications – due to clinical reports showing the lack of side effects, particularly a lack of psychoactivity (as is typically associated with ∆9-THC), and non-interference with several psychomotor learning and psychological functions. Cannabis Cannabinoids properties and their uses.


THC (Δ-9-tetrahydrocannabinol)
Properties: Euphoriant, Analgesic, Anti Inflammatory, Antioxidant, Antiemetic

CBD (cannabidiol)
Properties: Anxiolytic, Analgesic, Antipsychotic, Anti Inflammatory, Antioxidant, Antispasmodic

CBN (Cannabinol)
Properties: Oxidation, breakdown, product, Sedative, Antibiotic

CBC (cannabichromene)
Properties: Anti Inflammatory, Antibiotic, Antifungal

Δ-8-THC (Δ-8-tetrahydrocannabinol)
Properties: Resembles Δ-9-THC, Less psychoactive, More stable Antiemetic

THCV (Tetrahydrocannabivarin)
Properties: Analgesic, Euphoriant

Anxiety Attacks

                            How does CBD work?  Cannabidiol CBD oil for anxiety .

Did you know that your body produces its own cannabinoids similar to CBD and THC?  These endogenous cannabinoids are a part of a system that acts as the “control system” of the body.  That same system is designed to work with CBD!  The endogenous cannabinoid system, or endocannabinoid system (ECS), is a recently discovered system of naturally occurring cannabinoids and cannabinoid receptor sites throughout your entire body.

There are two receptors that make up the endocannabinoid system: CB1 and CB2 receptors.  CB1 receptors are found mostly in the nervous system, connective tissues, gonads, glands, and organs.   CB2 receptors are primarily found in the immune system and the structures associated with healthy immune functioning.  Unlike THC, which overstimulates the CB1 and CB2 receptors directly, CBD signals the body’s natural mechanisms to activate those receptors to do more of what they do naturally.

With these cannabinoid receptor sites spread throughout our entire bodies, you can only imagine the importance of having these receptors working properly in order to keep this important internal system functioning to protect you.

It is through this powerful system that CBD can do its magic, we cannot make any medical claims.  We once again encourage you to do your own research with the information we have provided.

Any information provided on this website is provided to the best of our knowledge and is not intended to replace the advice of a qualified medical practitioner. Any testimonials or product reviews provided by our customers are not the views of CANNAMED CBD. and should not be taken as recommendation or fact.

Pregnant or lactating women should consult a doctor prior to use. If you are taking medication and/or have a severe medical condition, consult a doctor before use.

CBD for an improvement.

Cannabidiol CBD oil for anxiety

So a greater ratio of CBD to THC means less of a high. Those who don’t like THC have the option of healing without the high by using a CBD-rich remedy with only a small amount of THC. But a low THC remedy, while not intoxicating, is not always the most effective treatment option. In essence, the goal is to administer consistent, measurable doses of a CBD-rich remedy that includes as much THC as a person is comfortable with or is good for their particular illness

Are specific CBD:THC ratios better for different conditions?

Some patterns are beginning to emerge. For anxiety, depression, spasms, psychosis, and seizure disorders, many people report they do well starting with a small dose of a CBD-rich remedy with little THC. For cancer, autism, and many other diseases, some say they benefit more from a balanced ratio of CBD and THC. Extensive clinical trials conducted outside the United States have shown that a 1:1 CBD:THC ratio can be effective for neuropathic pain.It all depends on the person everyone is different will different levels of illness a person with mild fibromyalgia will be better off on a less concentrated  CBD formula maybe 100mg as opposed to 500mg for a person with acute fibromyalgia. The best thing to do is start off with a low dose and experiment until you find the best for you.


CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is one of over 113 chemical compounds found in the cannabis plant.

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the main psychoactive substance found in cannabis. Unlike THC, CBD is not psychoactive. In 2017, the UK’s Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) classed CBD as medicine, providing it meets a strict set of “safety, quality and efficiency standards”.

There are basically two forms of CBD cannabis oil:
Crystalline isolate. This type of oil has been purified to remove THC and all other cannabinoids, so only CBD remains.

Full spectrum or whole plant CBD. When CBD oil is referred to as full spectrum or whole plant, the product contains other cannabinoids. This could include trace amounts (0.3 % or less) of THC, along with cannabinol (CBN) and (CBG) cannabigerol  which has amazing  properties,  tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV) which is now being investigated to help diabetis sufferer's the list goes on.

Studies have shown that full spectrum CBD is more efficient due to its synergistic reactions with the terpenes and minor phytocannabinoids present ,the called"entourage effect" The majority of the CBD you can purchase from stores and online is crystalline isolate. 
“The products sold in health stores often contain very small amounts of CBD (around 5%), and may also be mixed with other compounds derived from cannabis. In contrast, the CBD that has been found to be effective in clinical trials is pure CBD, and has a much higher dose.

Some products that might claim to be medical cannabis, such as hemp oil, are available to buy legally as food supplements from health stores. But we believe that  there’s no guarantee these are of good quality or provide any health benefits at all.

CBD oil on its own does not have the same efficacy as  FECO .                                                       ( Full Extraction Cannabis Oil )  that has been made from the flowers of the cannabis plant that contain the full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes.
THC is the primary psychoactive compound found in the cannabis plant and has been shown to have powerful anti-cancer properties. However  FECO oils containing THC and other compounds are classified as illegal, particularly in the UK and Europe.
Full spectrum (RSO/FECO) simply means it is made from a whole plant and the extract contains all of the cannabinoids from the plant.
Cannabis oil also known as Full Extract Cannabis Oil (FECO ) is the most potent natural medicine available to treat a wide-ranging and growing list of ailments – Full spectrum contains the full range of over 113 cannabinoids, healthy fatty acids and beneficial terpenes, as opposed to extracts containing just CBD, or in the case of Sativex only extracted THC and CBD. Like cannabinoids, terpenes bind to receptors in the brain and have various medicinal effects.
To effectively treat more serious conditions all of the evidence points to using FECO oil made from the rich pharmacopoeia contained within the full spectrum of cannabinoids. Investigation is getting more positive results and it's still early days.

“If Cannabis were unknown, it’s discovery would no doubt be hailed as a medical breakthrough. Scientists would praise it’s potential for treating everything from pain to cancer and marvel at it’s rich pharmacopoeia; many of whose chemicals mimic vital molecules in the human body” – The Economist.

Rick Simpson FECO cannabis oil is illegal in most countries but the laws are beginning to change as Governments see reason and the great benefit cannabis can have. In the UK it is now possible for a specialist to prescribe a medical grade CBD cannabis oil (NOT FECO) 

The way forward is for everyone to be able to grow what they need for their own use unfortunately it is still the case that unless patients are competent at growing and making their own full spectrum cannabis oil (RSO/FECO) they are forced to try and source their medicine through illegal channels. Many choose to buy CBD cannabis oil online or try to source Rick Simpson FECO full spectrum THC/CBD and we strongly advise caution. We can help and/or advise should you  research this possibility.

 (RSO/FECO) compared to hemp oil CBD available.

RSO (FECO) Cannabis oil is an inherently safe medicine, far safer than aspirin for example and can be used over long periods of time without serious side effects. It is important to understand that once you have completed for example a 90 day FECO RSO Rick Simpson cannabis oil course which many people choose to follow – you will still require what is known as a maintenance dose of the cannabis oil, basically a lesser amount taken to keep your condition from returning. Patients treating cancers need a more balanced cannabinoid profile, generally 1:1 THC/CBD (FECO RSO)

More balanced THC/CBD profiles can only be achieved by making the cannabis oil from specific strains bred to contain certain concentrations of differing cannabinoids.

FECO/RSO Cannabis oil is not cheap to purchase, due in part to the initial cost of the raw materials and the cost of processing the cannabis into a concentrated cannabis oil. As a rough guide 30g of cannabis buds will only yield around 3-5 gram of FECO cannabis oil concentrate.

The final yield of full spectrum cannabis oil (RSO/FECO) is very much dependent on the quality of your starting material and the cannabinoid percentages will be reflected from the original plant..

If you are looking to buy cannabis oil online or source RSO FECO full spectrum THC/CBD there are certain safe guards you need to implement to ensure that you are not cheated out of your hard earned money as you will have no legal recourse.
Even if you know the suppliers details it is not generally advisable to report being cheated out of your money whilst attempting to purchase RSO/FECO cannabis oil which is a controlled substance in most countries.

You also need to be certain that the FECO cannabis oil you have purchased is correctly made by someone experienced in cannabis oil manufacture who can supply a valid test certificate.
We strongly advise patients and their families against buying any cancer treatments over the internet. If you have any questions about cancer or treatment, You can get in touch with us and we can inform you of any queries you have at info@cannamedcbd.com  
The whole process of procuring FECO RSO full spectrum cannabis oil at your desired cannabinoid ratio is a veritable minefield consisting of outright scammers who wish to relieve you of your money knowing you cant contact any agencies to attempt to claim a refund, through to well intentioned individuals who think they are producing a medical grade cannabis oil but fail miserably due to lack of ability or expertise.

There are reputable FECO cannabis oil makers and it is possible to buy cannabis oil online through them but the whole issue depends on trust and care must be taken when sourcing your cannabis oil.


1. Know your source
Personal recommendation is priceless, the best is personal contact better than online, but if you have no other recourse .  Do you know someone who has successfully purchased cannabis oil online (FECO). Do not be afraid to ask questions and research before making what is a very important purchase decision for all patients.

2. Purchase within your geographical region if possible
If you are based in Europe it makes sense to find a European supplier, similarly if you reside in North America ,  you must consider the issues regarding border controls. Customs officers will seize any medical grade cannabis oil found, regardless of whether you are a registered medical cannabis user or not.

3. Avoid social media
Instagram and Facebook in particular have numerous individuals offering cannabis oil for sale, and very few are reputable These are free sites, they require no identification to set up. Any individuals operating in this manner can disappear as quickly as they appear. We have been inundated by people who have been scammed on social media and Facebook in particular won’t even shut these pages down when confronted with the evidence.

4. Ask for a Skype or phone call
Be aware that unscrupulous suppliers will use the obvious need for anonymity required by genuine oil producers to effectively cover their tracks. A Skype call or phone call can be done anonymously, but allows you to question the oil producer and gauge your reaction to their answers.

5. Ask to see the full test results for that particular batch of RSO FECO cannabis oil
If you choose to make contact with someone claiming to have access to, or who claims to have processed the oil, they should be able to provide a full HPLC test result for you to view. Testing is expensive and only reputable suppliers will have the testing done.

6. Discuss money only when you are satisfied the individual is genuine
As a rough guide expect to pay around £45.00 sterling for 1 gram of medical grade, full spectrum cannabis oil with a valid HPLC test certificate when you buy cannabis oil online.