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Cannamed cbd  is a small family-run business located in Malaga Spain. We started selling CBD oil in 2015 ,we believe in our product and the ability it has for relieving of all sorts of illness's . This was a life long dream but as it has been ilegal in nearly all countrys of the world we have never been able to promote it: we saw what was happening in the USA, where it has been legalised  slowly state by state, and CBD was being legalised and recognised as a medical help for all sorts of ailments and we didn’t think it was fair that people should be deprived access to equally high quality cannabis oil,especialy as it can improve one's quality of life . CBD oil for health and wellbeing is only positive for all.

At that time,in 2015, most of the CBD oils being sold were made from industrial hemp waste. We were determined to do better. We began producing our own and began looking for suppliers around  Spain and Europe who could produce CBD oil for vaping made from hemp flowers and grown with the specific intention of becoming vaping CBD oil.We now have the best producer of Hemp vaping working with us and with our CBD oil we have a perfect partnership.

 Well we have finally arrived to our final hurdle. The work has not finished until every body has the possibility to have this product without taboo's or legalisation, it is a natural plant with an amazing plethora of cures and uses, from making paper to biofuel, and even it can be used as a building material, the uses are endless.

It is a herb of the people and should be free to use and cultivate as is any other plant .With education and supervision this plant could be one of the saviours of the human race but it's use needs to be incorporated into everyday life, from food , fuel ,building materials, paper materials, the list goes on, all we need is that people defend their right to use it and defund the good that it can do. Marijuana is a herb and it should stay that way and not be turned into a pharmaceutical. 

We are proud of our products… but more than that, we are proud to have played a role in the CBD and cannabis revolution that is taking place worldwide. Change is coming and laws will change and hemp can save the planet ,it is just a matter of education and that we stand up for our rights , and a little more time.

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